How Much Natural Gas Do You Have?

Canada Natural Gas is a significant contributor to the world’s energy requirements. Oil gets all the attention, but it also plays a vital role. So how much natural gasoline is still available? The answer might surprise you.

Natural gas is a non-renewable fossil fuel. While it is called “natural gasoline”, it could also refer to methane since methane accounts for the vast majority. Natural gas can also be found in oil wells, coal minds, or other locations.

Natural gas is a more direct use energy for our daily lives. Direct use means actually seeing it. You can see it when you turn on a gas stove. You’ll also notice it when you burn your fingers trying to light the pilot lamp on a heater for 20 minutes. Natural gas can also be used in industries for many different manufacturing purposes. One less-known use for natural gas is as an ingredient in ammonia production.

Not surprisingly, and perhaps unfortunately, most countries with large natural resources also have substantial oil reserves. Russia and Iran are home to some of the world’s largest gas reserves, along with many Mideast states. Natural gas can be found in countries that are oil deficient, such as Australia and Argentina.

How much natural gasoline do we have left to fulfill our energy requirements? According to current estimates, the reserve is approximately six thousand trillion cubic yards. This sounds quite a lot. It is estimated that we have between 60 and 65 years supply at the current rate.

The number of years can be thrown off by two factors, similar to oil. There are two issues: economic growth and additional resources.

The first being the emerging economies of China, India and other countries. These countries are experiencing rapid economic growth and natural gas provides them with their energy. These countries will require more natural gas over the next 10 to 20 year period, which will strain the supply.

The second issue is more encouraging. Simply put, there should be more natural gas fields discovered in the future. The chances of finding more natural gas fields are much better than the ones for oil. It all has to do about transportation. Natural gas is much more difficult to transport, while oil is relatively easy. New innovations have made transportation easier, and exploration efforts are increasing.

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